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How To Recognize and Purchase  Quality Furs and Leather

From Wearing A Head Turning Designer Leather Handbag On Your Arm
To Walking On The Luxurious Warmth Of A Saga Quality Fur Rug
What you learn now can save you a lot of money and guarantee you're making a great investment
The key to recognizing optimum quality leather and fur products is to first understand the many types of furs and hides and the many processes in which they are treated in order to brand a quality fashion product for the retail market. There are indeed many types of fur with mink, sable, and chinchilla being some of the most desired, highest quality, and yes, highest price furs available in the world. 
In order to produce one mink coat it will take approximately one year from the time the trapper catches the live animal and sells the pelt until it reaches the final retail establishment and you, the consumer. There are numerous steps involved in the creation of any fine saga quality fur or leather product and thus, the reason for the rising costs of fur and leather products available today. There is also the consideration of declining trapper trade due to the implementation of many mink and other desirable animal farms and processing facilities to reduce the need for live trapping. In order to better understand the various processes involved in making each fur product we must first understand the characteristics and origin of each type of fur.
Mink is one of the most desired and highest quality furs available today along with chinchilla and sable. Mink provides a soft, elegant look and warmth that appeals to both men and women alike as well as most age groups. The female mink pelts are much softer, much more delicate furs producing an exquisite elegance in it's high quality products. While taking the soft, subtle, warm, cozy appeal of the female pelt into consideration, one must not overlook the qualities of the male pelts. The male pelts are typically much heavier, more dense, and can be dyed and woven to other fabrics more easily than the female pelts making it a much more reasonably priced mink without risking the quality of fur. Because of its density you will also more likely receive a much heavier, warmer coat than with the female pelts while saving a bit at the same time.
Fox fur is also considered one of the most desirable furs due to it's natural color options and soft elegance making it one of the most used furs in coats and other outerwear garments. Fox, by nature, have an extremely thick undercoat which is topped by a much longer coat of guard hairs. Just think of your dog. A Collie is a perfect example. A collie has a very dense undercoat yet maintains a soft, shear top coat. If a collie is not properly groomed and maintained his undercoat will become so thick that it overcomes the top growth, making it almost unbearable for the dog during the hot summer months. The Fox is native to north and south America, Russia, Australia, and Scandinavia and, by nature, comes in a variety of natural born colors based upon it's native climate. The Red Fox from North America and Canada is a thick furred creature due to it's need to retain warmth due to it's habitat, therefore growing a much thicker, richer undercoat making a heavier, warmer coat for those seeking that extra warmth in a fur garment. Although one cannot beat the rich, silky elegance of the lush, soft, subtle Silver, Blue, and White Arctic Fox Furs. Although you will find full length coats available in both types of fur, we typically see the latter used in hats, gloves, blankets, and fur collars and trims much more so than in full fur garments. The cost of the arctic fox fur tends to be higher priced too since it's not as available in our section of the world in abundance as is the red fox. I recently ran across a litter of red fox pups on my way home from class one evening last spring. The pups were laying out in the midst of the road enjoying being out in the open air as they are typically nocturnal creature, hiding in their dens during the daytime. I watched as several pups were romping playfully on the side of the road unaware of my presence since I turned off my headlights and engine to watch them in the open country lane. It wasn't until I opened my car door to take photos that they began to scurry down into the culvert which their mother had thoughtfully prepared for their den. I was amazed to see so many pups in the open in our midwest section of the USA and how they allowed me to come within fifteen feet of them before scurrying away. Although rare to see a litter of pups like this out in the open, they are indeed quite abundant in the USA and Canada and again, why their fur is much more reasonably priced although still a costly yet gorgeous fur to own. So the next time you're out walking you may want to check the underground culvert to see if momma has made a den for her new litter sure to arrive next spring!
The Beaver fur coat, garments, and blankets is a fur which we see many times listed as a sheered product rather than from a fur pelt. Why? Because the hunting of beavers was outlawed due to their decreasing population. At one time the beaver hat, coat, and outerwear were status symbols as you'll remember the days of Daniel Boone wearing his beaver and raccoon hats and garments. During the 19th century much of American exploration entailed the hunting of beaver for the fine fur it produces and because it's naturally a water creature, the beaver fur is the ultimate fur when it comes to repelling water and snow ensuring warmth in the coldest arctic climates. Beavers are typically a very dark brown fur and the fur itself is a soft, lush, smooth and robust long fur, much longer than those previously discussed. Although beavers are still illegal game in many areas we are finding more and more sheered beaver products available. The warmth, beauty, and elegance of the beaver fur is heavily desired especially in colder climates so those seeking this rich robust fur can rest assured that they are getting one incredible product while ensuring that the animal is never compromised during the processing of your fur garments or accessories.
Although most have heard of Sable, few truly understand its origin since its native to the Russian Mountainous Regions, Mongolia, China, Scandanavia, and surrounding regions. The sable is a species of marten which inhabit the forested mountainous terrains of those regions. Their exquisite fur is highly renowned for its soft, silky quality. It possess a rich, elegant quality not found in other fur species. Although the fur of sable is lightweight, it provides incredible warmth. The Russian sable fur coats and accessories are considered as status symbols to the elitists. Because of such exquisite elegance it continues to be in high demand throughout the world, making it one of the finest of luxury items available within the fur industry as well as one of the most expensive furs available. While hunting wild sable is still very common in these regions most sable produced today are done so at farms dedicated to raising and processing this fine fur. Regardless of how it's procured sable continues to be valued for its rich dark fur, lush elegance and appeal although scarce in much of the world due to its high cost leaving many to purchase alternative fur products. There are less expensive North American versions of sable available so make certain that you do your research when purchasing a sable fur product. Any animal bred and raised on a farm will fail to obtain the same qualities as wild sable as mother nature cannot replicate the same conditions as their natural habitats which help foster the lush thick coats which are so desired from savvy consumers. Regardless, you really can't go wrong with any sable product. Each elegant sable fur stands in a class all its own. 
Shearling is sheepskin or lambskin pelt that has gone through a limited shearing process to obtain uniform depth of its wool fiber in order to obtain an all around uniform depth, feel, and appearance. Contrary to most belief, shearling is not a sheered wool product rather a pelt taken from a yearling that has been shorn only once in the above mentioned process. Shearling garments and shoes are made by tanning the pelts while the wool of uniform depth is still on the pelt. A typical shearling pelt has leather or sueded leather on one side with shorn fibers on the opposite side. The fibers of the shearling can either wick away or retain moisture making it comfortable to wear in all seasons. Shearling are also much lighter than most fur products yet remain warmer than the natural down feather products available on the market today. Any garment or accessory made of shearling will be extremely soft and subtle since it is taken from a yearling and not adult therefore making it one of the most desired and used fashion materials used in designer handbags and shoes. 
One of the Designer Fashion brands utilizing the shearling leather processing is Chanels. Although their products are marketed by resellers as being a lambskin product they are truly made of calf skin or other fine leather products. Another high end fashion designer known for similar leather processing is Hermes. Although there are numerous outer leather products used for their elite handbags such as Ostrich Leather, Crocodile Leather, Calf Leather and many more and they also utilize the lambskin and goatskin leather in the inside of their bags so never to compromise luxury in any areas of their exquisite handcrafted handbag styles. Obviously, the softer and more subtle the leather the richer and more elegant its appearance and durability making them a much more costly product to purchase upfront although a worthwhile lifetime investment. These high fashion designer bags will almost always sell for near to their original purchase price even after years of ownership and use and still look practically brand new due to their unprecedented leather processing and quality of leathers used in each design. Many today are making large investments in these designer fashions due to their proven ability to maintain value even in the midst of economic crisis as we've seen these past several years. 
Todays fashion trends will also showcase shearling coats utilizing the previous mentioned furs as trim, collars, and hats to offer the best of both worlds in warmth, luxurious leather, and the finest of elegant furs to enhance todays fashion trends. 
Buyer Beware! 
If it sounds too good to be true then it is! Shockingly many overseas companies today are openly marketing their leather and fur products with dog fur collars and trim. Yes you read that right. If you aren't careful you may just end up wearing your cherished household pet on your back or carrying it on your arm as your favorite designer handbag. The manufacturing processes using all types of animal hides such as canine is not restricted in overseas markets as it is in America and Europe. I was shocked when I began researching manufacturers only to learn that canine is used as a key resource for leather and fur products made overseas and shipped into America with similar labels, designs, and often times manufactured replicas of some of the highest designer fashions desired in the European and American markets. So read, study, and research before making the investment to ensure that your money is spent wisely and certain to stand up in time when it comes to holdings it financial value and appeal when you prepare to resell the fashions in a few years to obtain your next favorite fashion designs. 
If you would like more information on our fur products and accessories please feel free to contact us at anytime and if there is a product you wish to have and we do not have available we will be happy to assist you in selecting a reputable seller. We want to thank you for allowing Elegant Collectibles to share this wealth of knowledge and inform you of the marketplace hurdles and stumbling blocks as you become a much more astute, savvy consumer certain to make a wise investment in your next fashion purchase whether its a leather coat, fur coat or blanket, or designer handbag. 
We want to wish you Good Luck and God Bless! 
And Remember that nothing worth having is given away at fire sale prices regardless of its age or usage unless the designer item shows unacceptable blemishes therefore making it an undesirable product for any savvy consumer. You now know that regardless of the design, the best fur and leather products will hold its value for many years to come ensuring you success on your next fashion shopping adventure. May yours be one to remember, cherish, and wear for many years to come!
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